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17 Apr 2014

Home Air Conditioning is a Must-Have in Atlanta

When you look around a residential housing construction site in the metro area, one of the first things you will notice is the installation of AC units going in. Georgia is known for its hot, humid weather, especially along the Southern Coast. Home air conditioning is a must in Atlanta, along with the rest of the state. Due to the growing population in the area, the need for residential AC service has also grown.

Although AC service is inevitable from time-to-time, if you want to ensure your unit is in top shape for the summer months, it is imperative to have your unit maintained on a routine basis. Belts, fans, screws, coils, and other components can work their way loose over time, and can cause the need for emergency air conditioning repair when you least expect it. If you want your home air conditioning to work on demand, then it’s best to keep it maintained and running properly.

Residential AC service does not mean you should only use it in time of emergencies. Most people have this misconception. The service is also available to prevent problems from happening in the first place. So many factors go into good AC service. The proper installation of AC units will most definitely help with the service you deserve each time you turn on the thermostat. Installing a programmable thermostat will also help to even out your home air conditioning payments. A steady temperature of 78 during the day and 75 overnight is recommended by most energy companies because it provides regulated air flow instead of sporadic air flow that benefits no one.

If you find that you have to keep turning the thermostat up or down on a regular basis, you may want to call a residential AC service out to assess what is causing the unit not to function properly. There are many simple problems that can be easily resolved that only a professional will know. Maintenance is the greatest prevention of having to call on emergency air conditioning repair at inopportune times.

During your emergency air conditioning repair call, if you don’t have a programmable thermostat installed, this would be a good time to have them provide you with one. Installation is quick and easy, and it’s one of the smallest but best energy saving things you can do for your home.

Professional air conditioning installations are available to you all around the metro area by Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning. From Decatur, Belvedere Park, Redan, Lithonia, North Druid Hills, Atlantic Station, Buckhead and beyond, they will keep you cool, comfortable, and operational for less.

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14 Apr 2014

April is a Great Time for AC Maintenance

April is the time of year when the weather is a little like a roller coaster ride. Cool to cold mornings can quickly escalate into warm or hot afternoons. If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area, then you know what it’s like to switch between your heating and cooling on the same day throughout the month. Switching back and forth between heating and cooling is normal for this time of year but it can also be stressful for your unit. That’s why April is a good time for routine AC maintenance in an effort to prevent the need of AC repair services down the road.

Routine AC maintenance will save you from making a call in the middle of July for AC repair services during the height of summer when you really need to keep cool. This should be performed at least once a year, sometimes twice, depending on your climate and outdoor conditions. Extreme pollen and dust can cause you to change out your filters more often, and whether you realize it or not, your filter plays a big role in the proper functioning of clean air and good air flow. A dirty filter can substantially cut down on proper air flow, and this can cause the unnecessary need for air conditioning services and repairs.

If you do tend to stay on top of proper AC maintenance, then you will have winterized and covered your outdoor unit to keep it safe from the elements during cold, winter months. Phil Montgomery of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning suggests that you cover your outdoor unit over winter to prevent water from freezing in the unit that might cause damage to the condenser or allow rust to set in.

April is a good time to remove the safety cover from your AC unit and make sure it did not suffer any damage over winter. You will want to be sure the unit sounds like it’s running properly and that nothing appears to be blocking the fan blades from running after being sedentary for a few months. If it does appear the unit makes any unusual sounds, it’s time to find some who specializes in air conditioning systems repair. Air conditioning systems repair service technicians can also inform you if it’s time to upgrade your unit, as well. If it’s getting close to the 12-15 year mark, then it’s a good idea to shop around for a new, more energy efficient system.

If you would like to schedule a reputable air conditioning systems repair company to check out your unit, Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning is available 24 hours a day. We proudly serve you from Monroe, Loganville, Snellville, Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, Tucker, Lilburn and beyond.

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20 Mar 2014

Emergency HVAC Repairs can and do Happen

If your A/C unit has some age on it then it will most likely cause you some problems at the most inopportune time. Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning is available for preventive maintenance and emergency air conditioning repair service in Atlanta 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our A/C technicians are bonded, licensed and insured and are up to date on the latest technological advances in HVAC care.

Summertime in Atlanta can get really hot, really quick, and if you have not had your AC maintenance performed yet, we highly recommend you schedule with us right away.
With the weather inconsistencies we experience in the Atlanta area, you may have to turn on your A/C during the day, and switch over to heat during the night. This scenario is likely to happen within any given month throughout the state of Georgia. We recommend checking your AC systems so you can be prepared at all times to ensure you and your family will be comfortable.

Simple A/C maintenance items such as changing out your air filter every three to six months (depending on the air filter type and air filtration system you have) will certainly add to the unit’s quality of service. Also, making sure shrubs or tall plants aren’t blocking proper air flow to your exterior unit will help, too. It is a good idea to have your unit placed in an area where it will not sit under the hot sun each day because this causes it to work harder due to the direct sunlight bearing down on it during the day.

Having your outdoor unit placed in a shaded area, or planting shade-bearing trees and shrubs around it is a good idea. The shade will serve to keep your unit cooler, as long as trees or shrubs are not planted so close that they compromise air circulation around the unit. The addition of shade will help to keep it from having to work so hard during peak hours of the day when demand is high.

These are small, but very important tips that will add to the quality and durability of your AC systems, and will help to keep them running more efficiently. However, your heating and cooling equipment will not last forever. If you are approaching the 15-year mark with your air conditioning, we can schedule an inspection with you and help you to determine if it’s time to replace your unit. Meanwhile, if you find yourself in need of emergency HVAC repair, just give us a call and we will dispatch someone to your location right away.

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16 Mar 2014

The Problem with Cheap AC Systems

When it’s time to start thinking about shopping around for a new heating and air system for your home, it’s important that you do your research. So many variables come into play when trying to find suitable home air conditioners in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Atlanta area heating and cooling can differ greatly just within a forty mile range north, south, east, or west of or along I-20 due to the diverse geographical patterns of the land. In fact, if you are gardener by nature, then you will know that Georgia has four different hardiness zones for various plant species.

Air conditioners that work well in North Georgia homes are most likely not going to cut it the farther south you go. So what is the best type for your location? Will you need central air, window units, zone units, a roof top unit? It all depends on the many different factors such as geographical locations mentioned, as well as interior square footage, amount of direct or tree-filtered sunlight, etc. You really have to do your homework.

As licensed and insured AC contractors, Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning has years of experience and expertise in all these areas. Our goal is to educate and inform you when it comes to making the right choice. Purchasing cheap air conditioning units and equipment is not the answer. This will only serve to cause you costly repairs down the line. Yes, you can opt for cheap air conditioning, but you will regret it when it’s time to pay your first bill, and this will only get worse over time as the unit begins to age.

When it comes to air conditioners, you really do get what you pay for. It’s only natural to think that a cheaper unit will suffice, but that’s not necessarily the case. Even if a larger unit than you need is offered at rock-bottom price, it’s still not a good deal if it’s not suited for your home. Both oversized and undersized units can cause you unnecessary problems. If not properly calculated to your home’s unique specifications, the unit will not provide you a good service.

Did you know that something as simple as placing your thermostat in the wrong place can wreak havoc on how your HVAC unit functions? Something as simple as the proper placement of an indoor thermostat can mean big savings to you. Also, properly sized and installed duct work along with good air flow will greatly improve or diminish your chances of being comfortable during the hot summer months in Atlanta, Ga. Give us a call today at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning and we will be more than happy to find just the right unit for your home in order to keep you cool and comfortable before the hot summer months arrive. We are happy to provide our expert services to you in Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, John’s Creek, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Snellville, and beyond.

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Air conditioning (AC) plays a very important role in our daily comfort especially when the hot summer months arrive. Nothing is cooler than coming to a comfortably air conditioned home at the end of the day. Having an air conditioner may be luxury for some but, for others who live in warm climates, such as Atlanta, Georgia it is a necessity.
Now, if you’re thinking of buying another HVAC system for home, one very important thing you need to do is choose the type of AC you need.
home air conditioning types

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

  1. Packaged AC – These types of ACs are usually used in homes and in the office and can cool more than two rooms or even larger spaces. They are usually placed on the roof or mounted on the ground.
  2. Split AC – Split AC is comprised of two parts: One is the indoor unit which is composed of the evaporator and the cooling fan and the other is the outdoor unit which comprises the compressor, and condenser. These are air conditioning parts that can go bad and cause AC replacement. This type is commonly found in homes as well as in small office spaces.
  3. Window AC – Window type air conditioners are not centralized units but can actually circulate cool air for single rooms. This is one of the most commonly used types and is for those who are on a budget.
  4. Central AC – This is the same as packaged AC and split system.

AC Maintenance: What Owners Can Do

However, just like many other machines, the performance of your air conditioner is affected by the wear and tear phenomenon. As time passes by it is inevitable that your unit will eventually decrease in performance. For every year the AC runs, it loses efficiency.

Having the knowledge about proper air conditioning maintenance can help you keep your unit running at full capacity. Proper cooling services care and maintenance such as, regular check ups and cleaning will be of great help to improve system performance and saves you money on energy costs as well as air conditioning repair. This will also help extend the life span of your HVAC system and avoid malfunctioning of your unit.

Some important steps that you should take:

  • Keep the temperature set to 80 degrees for energy savings
  • Consider the location of the unit, placing it in the shadiest part of the yard will facilitate it’s capacity to keep the home cool thus the unit will work less.
  • Be sure to close all doors and windows when the unit is being used for fast and proper cooling.
  • When leaving the house remember to adjust the unit to at least 85 degrees or completely turn it off.
  • Remember to replace the filter every one to two months to ensure that you receive air conditioning service of maximum efficiency.
  • Should it become necessary, do not forget you can contact Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning for cooling services and heating services.

It’s time for air conditioning replacement if:

  • Your heat pump or air conditioner is already 10 years old or more.
  • Your furnace or boiler is more than 15 years old.
  • Cooling services becomes more frequent and bills are going up.
  • Your system is noisy when being used.

Air conditioners make a hot climate bearable for us. Thus, it is important for us to have even just some basic knowledge regarding the proper handling and information regarding air conditioning. This will help you save economically and also ensure your safety for future electrical/mechanical problems that could be a result of a malfunctioning HVAC system.

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Technology sure has come a long way! Thank goodness for cheaper sourcing of raw materials and more affordable manufacturing processes plus a large base of manpower, we’ve seen technology improve through leaps and bounds. And because of these 3 major factors, technology has also become relatively cheaper and more readily available to the public who just can’t seem to get enough of gadgets and appliances and other products that have all the right bells and whistles to make the average person reach for their wallets and shell out their hard earned money.

Yes, technology has driven capitalism and consumerism to an almost frenzied state. This can be a positive or negative thing but this depends how you focus on things from this point on.

Take for example, home air conditioning. In the past, residential air conditioning was reserved only to the upper middle class to the very top class in society. This meant that this commodity was unavailable for the rest of the population in America.

So air conditioning companies only had a limited customer base and that also meant that the prices for this A/Cs were very high due to limited manufacturing on their part. This was a very big issue. These companies understood that those who were ranked as the very rich and the upper middle class were scarce customers. Unless these people decided to buy a new air conditioner unit every month, they’d be able to stay afloat. Of course this was a near impossibility as items in the past were built sturdily and didn’t come with a 2 to 3 year replacement notice. ACs in the past were made to last a lifetime.

So it was time to open this market up to the general public! In order to do this, the companies would have to find a way to make their air conditioners cheaper.

Over time, manufacturing air conditioners became more affordable and these added discounts were passed-on to the consumers who were clamouring for this product to be installed in their homes. Why? Because of the power of advertising and exploiting the mindset of the average consumer!
By instilling the idea of the air conditioner as a basic household item that no one should live without, many companies were able to create the demand for this A/Cs! It wasn’t too long before the need for more supply arose as the demand continued to grow. This eventually lead to companies seeking more suppliers and manufacturers to help produce either the basic components of the ACs or to do the assembly. This provided another positive aspect to the economy since it created more jobs and more opportunities. As the decades went on we were able to witness how manufacturing was eventually outsourced. This meant that the job opportunities that were brought about by technology, consumerism and capitalism grew from a localized group to a larger base of people whose aim was to supply the demand!

So you see? There is a direct correlation of consumerism, capitalism and the rise and fall of technology which can affect a population’s lifestyle and ultimately the well being of the entire nation this group of people live in.
Now going back to the air conditioning business, of course this ultimately meant a heap load of work for air conditioning contractors to do everything from installation to repairs all over the nation! In the end, everybody profited in some way or the other.
And this cycle continues on and on to this day. Technology, capitalism and consumerism walk hand in hand together. This is a positive way to look at it.
Technology improves as more capitalists fund the research and development of each product before going out to the general public. The average consumer than dictates it the technology that has recently been offered to them is good or not. This is the make or break point for the new technology these companies have created and will decide if it will continue research and development for the tech.

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6 Feb 2014

How does an AC system work?

how does an AC system workWhat’s one of the most basic appliances or equipment found at home which is usually taken for granted? Why, the air conditioner of course! Air conditioners have changed the way we live our lives over the decades. Think about it, when was the last time you suffered through a hot day at home? Chances are, as soon as you got in, you turned the air conditioner on and just sat there enjoying the cool air coming out of your AC system!

Because it is viewed as a basic necessity for every home, air conditioning systems and air conditioning units are widely available all over the world. And the sales of the equipment continue to grow steadily each year as more and more living spaces are erected and the climate seems to have turned hotter. This must be the reason why there are several companies out there offering AC systems to the private and public sector. The sad thing is, the price tag on these objects is almost always, expensive. Now for those with limited financial resources, cheap air conditioning systems are readily available in small stores as second hand or refurbished equipment.

First things first, air conditioners work the same way as refrigerators but cooling a bigger space like an entire room. That does depend on the horsepower involved in the AC system. Air is constantly heated and released as cold air as they pass through a series of coils. Now the cooling effect achieved through the use of an air conditioner usually depends on how big or small the unit is and how powerful it is supposed to be. There are air conditioning systems that operate using only one horsepower or less! Air conditioning systems which are usually found in bigger places like a factory or a mall are usually larger and more powerful!

For those who are interested in learning these basic air conditioning troubleshooting methods, they’d first have to learn how air conditioning (or AC) systems work. Delving deeper into the basics of troubleshooting an AC system we come to the parts involved. There are three main parts in all AC systems out there: The Compressor, the Condenser and the Evaporator.

Compressors increase the pressure of the liquid needed to operate the AC system. This is the first part of the operation where fluid comes into the compressor and comes out pressurized into the condenser. The condenser then turns the liquid to gas and back again. These usually come in the form of a series of coils. This makes your AC system a closed circuit and does not need external factors to pump in liquid to maintain the cooling that happens during the operation of the AC system. And finally it’s the evaporator’s turn. Evaporators do what they’re supposed to do. Evaporate liquids. This is the reason why AC systems are comparable to refrigerators during operation. This is called the phase conversion stage. As a basic rule in physics, when a liquid is converted into a gas, it absorbs heat which in turn produces cold air in the immediate surroundings. This cold air is then directed to whichever direction is needed through the blower and the vents.

Knowing the basics of these main components it is now easier to assess what your general issue is when faced with air conditioning malfunctions. If any of these three fail, the air conditioner will not work as described on the manual.

So when you want to buy an air conditioner, make sure you have a basic understanding about how your AC system works in order to make sure that if there are any hitches in the future, you’ll be able to fix it. Otherwise you would have to be ready to take your wallet out and pay for professional services.

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20 Jan 2014

Air Conditioning Repair Services

how to find a trusted ac contractorThere are many, many companies who offer air conditioning repair services in your area, choosing the best one for you can be a difficult experience if it’s your first time. Many people take air conditioning for granted until something goes wrong. The best time to find an ac repair technician is not when the emergency occurs but before hand, so you are prepared and not sitting in the heat while trying to find a trusted, qualified ac repair technician.

Finding the right contractor before an event occurs or is crucial and will save you time and money in the long run. A good start to finding the right company or ac repair technician is to ask your friends or coworkers if they know of a trusted contractor in your area. You can also get detailed information online or from your local home owners association.

Doing thorough online research will bring you many results for air conditioning installation experts in your area that you may wish to hire. There will be several to choose from though and the task of picking the one that’s right for you can be a daunting one. Following a few simple steps can make the difference in the quality of service and money you will spend in the long run.

Check out feedback for your list of prospected contractors online. There is never a shortage of people willing to share their experiences with a company either good or bad. This is an invaluable source of information that can be used in your decision on hiring ac service or ac repair contractor. Now you can start calling for quotes. Get quotes from the top three companies or contractors you have found through friends or online research. Compare these quotes and get a better understanding of what each company offers including warranties and replace part costs. Invite them to look at the job in question and make a list of what each contractor offers and for how much. This will make it much easier to decide on which contractor is best for you.

Taking your time and doing your research for a qualified and trusted ac repair or installation technician will save you more time and money in the long run and will give you the peace of mind that the repair or install is being done in the most professional manner and cost-effective way possible.

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13 Jan 2014

Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Service

Importance of regular AC service infographicsThe best way to keep your air conditioning system running at optimal efficiency is by having regular AC service on it. Many people often don’t realize just how important it is to have regular air conditioning service until after it’s too late to do something about it. Servicing your air conditioner unit doesn’t take a lot of money or time, so it’s something that every homeowner or business owner should do. It doesn’t matter if you have a large central air conditioning unit or a window air conditioner for cooling your home because you need to take care of it for it to work properly.

One of the main benefits of regular air conditioning repair services is the amount of money you are going to save. When AC units are running at their best, they don’t use a lot of energy. Over the course of time, it will save you hundreds in cooling costs. The money you save will far outweigh anything you have to spend on cooling service for your unit, which is why you should call someone out to perform an air condition service for you yearly. Servicing the unit also extends its life, meaning you aren’t going to have to worry about new air conditioning installation anytime soon.

Regularly servicing the unit will also provide safety benefits to all of the building inhabitants. Beyond preventing a number of hazardous conditions from transpiring, AC repair can also reduce the bacteria and dust floating in the air. Having an air conditioning repair technician come out to your property allows them to test for the presence of carbon monoxide in the air, which is extremely dangerous. If the chemical is found, they can do what needs to be done to put an end to it quickly, which makes the property safe to be inside once again.

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14 Dec 2013

Furnace Installation Should Be Handled By Professionals


Installing a new furnace should be handled by a reputable furnace installation technician and should never be left for homeowners to handle on their own.

Atlanta, Georgia – As the temperatures are dropping, homeowners are going to be needing their furnaces more and more. But if homeowners called for furnace repair often last winter, they may now be wondering if they should install a new furnace. However, homeowners shouldn’t try furnace installation on their own, says Phil Montgomery. Montgomery owns Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning, a company with more than 40 years of experience assisting Atlanta area homeowners.

“Furnace installation can be very dangerous, so we always recommend homeowners hire a professional,” says Montgomery, whose company also provides Alpharetta heating repair.

First, installing a furnace requires special skills and special equipment. Homeowners may think they can save money by installing a furnace on their own, but after paying the cost of renting equipment, it could cost homeowners much more. The old furnace unit will need to be properly removed to ensure no damage is done to the walls or room where it was. This removal will require the special equipment needed to cut away pieces of metal and ductwork to ensure the new unit can be installed properly.

A licensed HVAC technician will ensure that the furnace being installed is the correct one for the home. Additionally, the technician will ensure that the work is done according to code, to be sure it is as safe as possible. Any time fossil fuels are burned, carbon monoxide can result. To ensure that it is vented properly and does not pose a risk to homeowners, furnaces should be installed by licensed technicians. In addition, heating systems involve highly pressurized pipes with extreme heat. Contractors will know how to properly handle them, while an inexperienced homeowner will not and may cause a fire.

To ensure proper air flow through the home, it is essential that the new unit work with the existing ductwork. If it can’t the ductwork will need to be repaired or replaced or homeowners won’t be able to reap the benefits of their new furnace.

“Ductwork repair can be dangerous,” says Montgomery. “There are extremely sharp edges that can cause injury if homeowners don’t have the proper equipment or protective clothing. A licensed technician will have the necessary tools and safety equipment to do the job safely.”

Finally, it’s important that the job be done properly to save the homeowners money in the end. If the job isn’t done properly, it can lead to even more costs down the road as the furnace breaks down and leads to needing professional attention. To prevent unsafe conditions in the home and danger to homeowners, as well as to save money, homeowner should always hire a professional technician to provide installation services.