31 Jan 2016

Single-Stage or Two-Stage Air Conditioner?

Atlanta air conditioning Is it time to invest in a new air conditioner for your home? In your research, you may have come across the terms single-stage and two-stage. Do you know what that means, or how to choose the right one for you? Phil Montgomery, owner of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning, explains what you need to know.

“The biggest difference between these units is the type of compressor the unit uses,” says Montgomery. “A single-stage air conditioner uses a compressor that only has one level of operation. That means it will only cool your home at maximum blast.”

A two-stage unit, however, operates on two levels. That means that on the hottest days, it will work at the highest level, and on milder days it will operate at a lower level. A two-stage unit has increased energy efficiency because it isn’t running on full blast every time you use it. That means lower energy bills for you.

You see energy cost savings when your air conditioner turns on and off less – that’s because it takes a greater amount of energy to start the unit up. A single-stage unit turns on and off more frequently than a two-stage air conditioner does because it only cools at one speed. Once the desired temperature is met, the single-stage unit turns off. Then, when the temperature changes, it kicks back on again.

“A two-stage unit, on the other hand, runs more continuously,” says Montgomery. “That means your home is cooled more evenly and efficiently, reducing the higher energy use associated with constantly turning on and off.”

The initial cost of a two-stage unit will be higher than that of a one-stage. However, your home will be more comfortable on very hot days, and you’ll soon start noticing savings in your monthly energy bills. And if you’re worried about upfront costs, talk to one of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning’s experts about finance options.

But another advantage to a two-stage air conditioner is its ability to remove moisture and humidity from the air. In Atlanta, we know how important that can be to your home’s comfort.

If you’re wondering which type of air conditioning unit may be right for you, call Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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