14 Nov 2017

AC Service May Help Allergy Symptoms

AC Service

Atlanta, GA – Summer is time to have fun in the sun, but it may also bring unwanted allergy symptoms for some. If you can’t get relief from your allergies, even in the comfort of your home, it’s time to think about having your air conditioning unit serviced.

If you suffer from summer allergies even while inside your home, it may be time to think about servicing your AC.

How can servicing your AC help? Indoor allergies are often due to things inside your home. No matter how much you clean, dust particles still settle in your air ducts, and when your AC runs, these particles get redistributed all over your home. But that’s not all, your AC can also blow around pet dander, dust mites and other annoyances that can trigger your allergies.

“If you have allergies or asthma, indoor air pollution can be a major trigger for you,” says Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning owner Phil Montgomery. “Some researchers indicate that indoor air pollution can be anywhere from two to five times higher than outdoor pollution. If you don’t regularly have your HVAC system serviced, it can spread allergens, but it can also harbor mold.”

If you’ve noticed your family members suffering more from their allergies this summer, first, look to your filter. During the summer months, when your AC is running more often, it may be necessary to change your filter more often.

If you have several family members who suffer from allergies, or anyone who has severe allergies, Montgomery recommends switching to a high efficiency air filter. These air filters have a MERV rating of greater than 14. These filters can remove even the tiniest particles from your air circulation, helping your family be more comfortable.

However, Montgomery does advise that it’s best to talk to an experienced AC technician before changing filters.

“High efficiency filters are great for keeping out contaminants,” says Montgomery. “However, because they are so dense, they can impact airflow and make your unit work harder than it needs to. In most cases, using a medium efficiency air filter, paired with regularly maintenance, will do the trick.

If you don’t regularly service your HVAC unit, which means having the system cleaned at least once a year, it’s definitely time to schedule an appointment. Over time, particles can build up in your air ducts. The experts at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning can properly remove contaminants to ensure your AC is distributing air through clean ducts.

The technicians will also check for any signs of mold. Central air conditioners transport air through your air ducts, and as this cooled air moves through warmer areas, condensation can occur. This then creates an ideal environment for mold to grow, and mold can be a primary trigger for homeowners with allergies.

Ideally, your ducts should be cleaned before the start of summer so they’ll be clean and ready to recirculate clean air through your home. But it’s never too late for a professional cleaning and servicing by the experts at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning. Schedule an appointment today.

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