18 Jun 2015

Do Air Conditioners Remove Humidity From Your Home?


The sole function of an air conditioner is to remove warm air from the home and to replace it with cool air. In the process, the warm air is typically moist and humid, so when it’s replaced with cooler air, the humidity is also removed in the process.

Indoor air is moved over the refrigerant (cooling) coils of your AC unit and through the process of condensation, the heat is removed and the moisture exits the home via a condensation line. So, yes, air conditioning can effectively dehumidify your home; however, there may be circumstances where the AC is not enough.

There are several variables that come into play when dealing with too much humidity in the home. How old is your air conditioner. Is your AC unit too large, or just the opposite: is it too small? Was your air conditioner properly configured to fit the square footage of your home? Were location and outdoor conditions such as living in a humid coastal area versus a drier desert-like climate taken into consideration along with whether you have longer or shorter winter/summer months? When it comes to proper heating and cooling services, these are all very important factors to consider.

A good Atlanta HVAC contractor like Phil Montgomery with Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning will be more than happy to set up an appointment with you to discuss your options. He may be able to install a new unit that uses a two-stage compressor, or discuss installing a compatible whole house dehumidifier to your existing unit, or discuss stand-alone dehumidifiers that can dry small spaces or one that can handle a few thousand square feet.

A comfortable home will have less than 60 percent humidity in it at all times. You may notice during cooler weather, the air in your home feels drier and more comfortable. But when outside temperatures start rising above 80 degrees, humidity rises as well. A good rule of thumb: if the outdoor air is humid, your indoor air will be humid. This is when you notice that your air conditioner works a bit more to remove the moisture from the home.

If during the warmer months and into summer you notice a musty smell, then this is a sure sign your AC is not working as well as it should, and it may be in need of AC service. Do your windows fog or collect moisture on the inside, do you notice black spots in the corners of the room on the sheetrock or ceiling, and is mold growing in your kitchen or bathroom at a faster rate all of a sudden?

All of these are signs of too much humidity and signal that mildew and bacteria are present. Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning has been in business for over four decades and knows the metro Atlanta area very well. Phil Montgomery can discuss all your options and can give your home a more comfortable living environment.

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