14 Dec 2013

Furnace Installation Should Be Handled By Professionals

Atlanta, Georgia – As the temperatures are dropping, homeowners are going to be needing their furnaces more and more. But if homeowners called for furnace repair often last winter, they may now be wondering if they should install a new furnace. However, homeowners shouldn’t try furnace installation on their own, says Phil Montgomery. Montgomery owns Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning, a company with more than 40 years of experience assisting Atlanta area homeowners.

“Furnace installation can be very dangerous, so we always recommend homeowners hire a professional,” says Montgomery, whose company also provides Alpharetta heating repair.

First, installing a furnace requires special skills and special equipment. Homeowners may think they can save money by installing a furnace on their own, but after paying the cost of renting equipment, it could cost homeowners much more. The old furnace unit will need to be properly removed to ensure no damage is done to the walls or room where it was. This removal will require the special equipment needed to cut away pieces of metal and ductwork to ensure the new unit can be installed properly.

A licensed HVAC technician will ensure that the furnace being installed is the correct one for the home. Additionally, the technician will ensure that the work is done according to code, to be sure it is as safe as possible. Any time fossil fuels are burned, carbon monoxide can result. To ensure that it is vented properly and does not pose a risk to homeowners, furnaces should be installed by licensed technicians. In addition, heating systems involve highly pressurized pipes with extreme heat. Contractors will know how to properly handle them, while an inexperienced homeowner will not and may cause a fire.

To ensure proper air flow through the home, it is essential that the new unit work with the existing ductwork. If it can’t the ductwork will need to be repaired or replaced or homeowners won’t be able to reap the benefits of their new furnace.

“Ductwork repair can be dangerous,” says Montgomery. “There are extremely sharp edges that can cause injury if homeowners don’t have the proper equipment or protective clothing. A licensed technician will have the necessary tools and safety equipment to do the job safely.”

Finally, it’s important that the job be done properly to save the homeowners money in the end. If the job isn’t done properly, it can lead to even more costs down the road as the furnace breaks down and leads to needing professional attention. To prevent unsafe conditions in the home and danger to homeowners, as well as to save money, homeowner should always hire a professional technician to provide installation services.

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