28 Oct 2017

How Often Do I Really Need to Change My Home’s Air Filter?

Air-FilterAtlanta, GA – How often should your home’s air filters really be changed? The answer to that question depends on a few factors. Phil Montgomery of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning explains more.

“When your air filters are dirty, you know it’s time to change them, but if you want to ensure your home’s HVAC unit runs as efficiently as possible and you have the best quality air, there are some other factors that can help determine when to change your filters,” says Montgomery. “Those factors include the type of air filter you use, the overall air quality of your home, whether or not you have pets, how many people live in your home, and the level of air pollution outside your home.”

What kind of filter does your home use? How often you have to change your filter is largely dependent on the type of filter you buy. There are different types of filters, and they vary based on the type of materials they’re made of, how thick they are and whether they are pleated or panel. Cheaper air filters will most likely need to be replaced more often, so if you are looking to save money, going simply by the price of the filter is not the best idea. Every filter will have a recommended time for when it should be changed, and can vary from monthly to every six months. Be sure to read the packaging before purchasing.

How many people are living in the home, and do they have allergies? The more people living in the home, the more pollutants there likely are being created. And if any of the occupants suffer from allergies, you will want to change the filters more frequently to remove allergens from the air.

Do you have pets? Air filters will do a good job of trapping pet hair and dander, but depending on your pets, you may need to change out the filters more often. A dirty filter will prevent your HVAC system from running properly.

Montgomery says that for seldom used or single occupant homes without pets or allergies, filters can be changed every six to 12 months. In a typical suburban Atlanta home without pets, filters should be changed every 90 days. Add a cat or dog to that same home, and you should be changing the filters every 60 days. If you have multiple pets or anyone in the home has allergies, the filters should be changed every 30-45 days.
“The U.S. Department of Energy says that replacing a dirty filter can lower a home’s HVAC consumption by as much as 10 percent,” says Montgomery. “But not only that, clean filters ensure that the air can flow properly, without putting too much pressure on your system. Continuous wear on your system from working through dirty filters can damage your system, leading to the need for repairs.”

If you have any questions about your HVAC unit or how often you should be changing your filters, call Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning today at 404-942-9779.

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