14 Nov 2017

Save Money and Heat Your Home More Efficiently

Save Money

Atlanta, GA – As the temperature stays on the cold side, you’re probably tired of seeing expensive energy bills. To heat your home efficiently and save money on your bills each month, follow these tips by Atlanta heating and cooling expert Phil Montgomery.

If you’re tired of high energy bills in the winter, follow these tips for heating your home more efficiently.

  1. Insulation is your best friend.
    Do you know how much insulation your home has? Is warm air escaping right through your walls without you realizing it? Do you have sufficient insulation in our attic? Ensuring your home has adequate insulation will go a long way to ensuring your home is being heated as efficiently as possible.
  2. Drafts are your worst enemy.
    Do you have areas in your home that are drafty? Are your windows and doors properly sealed, or are you letting your heated air escape? Check every opening of your home for drafts, and seal any drafts you find. Ensure your weatherstripping is adequate and you can’t see daylight under the threshold of your door. And don’t forget to check your outlets, too.
  3. Use the sun to heat up your home.
    Do you have a spot in your home that gets great sunlight? Take advantage of this natural solar heating by opening up your windows and allowing the sun to do its work.
  4. Let the oven help.
    When you’re finished baking something in your oven, you probably close the door immediately. But keep the door open to allow the remaining heat to escape and warm the surrounding area.
  5. Utilize space heaters in the area your family spends the most time.
    By using a space heater in the areas of your home where you spend the most time, you can keep your thermostat set at a lower setting.
  6. Check your duct work.

    Be sure there are no places where the duct work has pulled apart or has leaks.
  7. Upgrade your thermostat.
    By having a newer and more accurate thermostat, you can ensure your home is being heated properly. New programmable thermostats allow you to ensure your heater is only working when you need it, and not wasting energy by heating your home when no one is home.
  8. Clean your heater’s register
    To provide adequate heat, your heater’s register must have a clear path to send the air. Be sure all registers are clean and clear of obstructions.
  9. Utilize your fireplace.
    If your home has a fireplace, don’t be afraid to use it. A wood burning fireplace can give off great heat. But when not in use, consider using a chimney balloon to prevent warm air from escaping out your chimney.
  10. Have your heating system maintenanced regularly.
    Your home’s heating system can only work efficiently when it is maintained properly. Have your unit serviced at least once a year to ensure efficiency.

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