9 Jan 2013

Why Hire a Licensed and Bonded Company

Atlanta, Georgia – When hiring an air conditioning or furnace repair company, you want to be sure you are hiring the best company available for the best price available. But be sure you look at more than just price – hiring a company that doesn’t have the correct licensing or bonds can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.
What does licensing and bonding mean?
The most important thing to look for when hiring an Atlanta air conditioning company is whether that company is fully licensed and bonded. Hiring a bonded company can safeguard you against illegal practices and poor workmanship. A licensed company has been trained in proper practices and regulations concerning its service area.

“Licensing requires me, and my employees, to stay up-to-date on the laws and standards of our field, and it means we provide quality workmanship,” says Phil Montgomery, owner of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning, which has provided Atlanta Heating installation and other services for more than 40 years. “It also means that we are held accountable for our practices – our license can be revoked if we do not follow all regulations.”
It is also important to be sure a company is bonded, as well as licensed. This means that the company has set aside money, through a bonding company, that is controlled by the state to be paid out in case a client files a claim against the company.
Hiring a licensed and bonded company when doing major repair or installation work, as well as basic work such as duct cleaning, is important in case an accident occurs.
“Contractors often work with heavy equipment and other machinery,” says Montgomery. “Unfortunately, as in everyday life, accidents can occur. But hiring a licensed and bonded company will ensure that, if something were to happen, or your home or property is somehow damaged, and the company is responsible, the homeowner has a course of action to protect himself.”
Do your background work
When preparing to hire a contractor, whether for heating and cooling repair or any other work in your home or business, always ask to see the company’s updated license. You can verify that the license is up to date by contacting your local or state licensing board.
Also ask the company for proof of insurance. Don’t be afraid to take the information and check with the insurance company to be sure the policy is up to date. If the company is not insured, the homeowner could be held responsible should a worker hurt himself while on the job. Being sure the company is insured can protect you should an accident happen.

Also, ask your friends, family and other people you trust for references. Before hiring a company, speak with other customers to see if they were pleased with the work, and if they would refer the company or use them again. You can even call the Better Business Bureau to see if complaints have been filed.
When hiring a company to repair your heating or cooling unit, or to install a new one, it’s important to do your research. Keep regular maintenance appointments to be sure your unit is up to date and working properly, so that it is less likely for an emergency to happen and force you to hire a company without doing your due diligence.
And most importantly, remember that only looking at the bottom line is not enough – while a company may offer you a rock bottom price that at first glance is hard to refuse, look deeper to be sure the company is licensed, bonded and insured to prevent you from having to pay unexpected costs should an accident occur.


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