14 Nov 2017

It Pays to Research the Right Heating System for Your Home

Many people are not aware of how long their heating systems might work before they need replaced. If your furnace installation was over 25 years ago, you should plan on having it replaced. If you are not sure how old your system is, you can call a reputable furnace repair company to inspect your system and make the necessary recommendations.

Professional heating repairmen have the knowledge and training it takes to assess your residential heating system in Atlanta in order to find and correct potential problems. If you have noticed your system is not cycling properly and seems to be turning on and off too frequently, this can be a sure sign that something is wrong. If you have a newer system, it may be as simple as moving your thermostat to the correct place in your home, or that your home is not properly insulated, or possibly the duct work is not installed properly; but the only way to determine these things is to have it checked by calling for central heating repair services.

If your system is older and over 20 years old, it could very well mean that you are in need of new furnace installation. There are many good heating contractors in Atlanta who can educate you on purchasing the right type of heating installation for your home. There are many deciding factors that need to be addressed before making a decision for new furnace installation. Most of these factors depend on where your home is located in Georgia, the square footage of your home, if you have access to natural gas, will need propane or an alternative method of heating, and what kind of budget you are working with.   

Regardless of whether you need central heating repair, alternative heating systems repair, or a complete system replacement, a thorough inspection will help to determine which route you should take.  If you are not sure about how often you should schedule heating services and inspections, a good rule-of-thumb according to Phil Montgomery with Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning Services is this: Heat pumps and oil-fired furnaces and boilers need an annual professional tune up; gas-fired equipment burns cleaner and can be serviced every other year. If you have other heating systems, Phil Montgomery and other local heating repairmen in Atlanta can recommend the right schedule for you. 

Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning Services is happy to help you find just the right system wherever you live from Atlanta, Brookhaven, Chamblee, Doraville, Norcross, Duluth, Peachtree Corners, John’s Creek, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and beyond.

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