15 May 2014

AC Repair in Atlanta

Many people are often confused about when it’s time to either repair or replace their air conditioning unit. Some units will make noises when they first start up after sitting idle over the long winter months. Sometimes debris can collect inside the unit if it sat uncovered and was exposed to the elements for several months. Small twigs, acorns, tree bark, and other items can get caught in the fan blades. This can cause the unit to sound as if it needs replaced when you first turn it back on. Any number of things can cause your unit to make unusual sounds.

If you are unsure about what is causing the noises coming from your cooling unit, it’s best to turn it back off and call a professional. Phil Montgomery with Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning says it just depends on the type of sounds that are coming from your unit and he recommends you call in a reputable HVAC company to determine which course of action you should take.

There are many companies in the Atlanta area that offer 24 hour AC repair service. They can perform a comprehensive check-up on the overall condition of your furnace and cooling system inside and out. It may be something as simple as removing the debris that was caught in the fan blade outside or tightening a few screws, or checking the blower wheels, etc. Many AC repair companies will offer to do a complementary inspection of your system and can determine at that time whether you are in need of repairs or AC replacement.

The most important thing is to not ignore any noises coming from your unit as this can create bigger problems and will be more costly in the long run; it may even be dangerous. It’s always best to consult with a reputable 24 hour AC repair service to ensure someone will be available whenever you need them.

When calling for reputable AC repair in Atlanta, don’t be afraid to ask how long they have been in business, if they are licensed and insured, and if they are qualified to perform AC replacement should you need it. You want to be sure the company has a solid reputation and will be around to perform routine maintenance on your system on a regular basis in order to catch potential problems. You also want to ask their policy on 24 hour AC repair service costs. If they charge double or triple the amount, you might to look elsewhere.

While there are numerous qualified technicians that are capable of performing your AC replacement, it is always best to check their credentials and references in order to know you are getting the kind of service you deserve.

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