19 May 2014

Atlanta Home Air Conditioning Service

If you have been thinking about cleaning or servicing your AC unit yourself, there is probably a bit more to it than you thought. High-powered electrical equipment can be dangerous and can cause severe electrical shock if you are unsure or unfamiliar with its mechanics and how to properly inspect and clean the equipment. It’s always best to contact a professional air conditioning repair service to stay on the safe side.

Many things are easily maintained through routine maintenance and by scheduling air conditioning service calls that will keep your unit operating at peak performance. Things as simple as cleaning your AC condenser coils and evaporator coils can substantially cut down on air conditioning repair. This can also add longevity to your cooling system and will help to cut down on high energy costs due to the removal of built-up grime, dust and debris that collect in the coils over the years.

As a bonus, cleaning the coils can also add to the freshness of your indoor air quality when they are cleaned routinely by a home air conditioning service technician. Although it does seem to be a small task, you are still exposed to high voltage electrical components, so it really is best to have a professional perform the task. A professional will have the proper cleaning supplies and tools that are specifically manufactured for use on both the outside and inside coils, as they need to be treated differently.

Another way to cut down on high energy costs is to take a look at your duct work. If you happen to live in an older home and are unsure about the structure of the ductwork and if it was installed correctly, this can be easily determined through home air conditioning service. Schedule a visit to ensure the ducts are the correct size for each room your cooling system services. This is another simple fix that can stand to save you money on the high cost of cooling and heating. A professional air conditioning service will check to make sure all duct work is connected to the register and that your heating and air conditioning is properly directed to where it needs to go.

You may be surprised at how often AC technicians find that the duct work is not connected properly to the register or that the wrong size duct work has been installed to support the amount of heating or cooling certain rooms need. Duct work is not a one-size-fit’s- all installation, and most people are not aware of this. You can also request to have your duct work cleaned to remove dust, mold, and mildew that has accumulated; especially in older homes or homes that sit under a yard full of shade trees where mold and mildew can readily accumulate. There are many ways to save money on your heating and cooling, and it really can be as simple as scheduling a call for air conditioning service.

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