29 Oct 2017

Is Your Home Winter Ready?

thermostatAtlanta, GA – Summer has come to an end, and as the fall brings cooler temperatures, we know that winter is just around the corner. After a hot summer, the falling temperatures are welcome, but is your home ready for the cold of winter? Phil Montgomery of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning offers these tips to ensure your home’s HVAC unit is winter ready.

  1. Check the filters. Dirty filters minimize the air flow and won’t allow your unit to run as efficiently as it could. Be sure you start with clean filters, and check your filters regularly. Set a schedule for changing the filter, typically every 30-90 days, depending on your heating system.
  2. Check your thermostat. On the first cool morning, turn on your heating unit and set the temperature to your preferred winter time setting. If it never reaches that temperature, or takes too long, schedule a maintenance check to determine if there is a problem so it can be corrected before you really need the heat of your furnace. This can also allow you to listen for any strange noises that may signal a problem.
  3. Clean the area around your furnace and remove anything that could be flammable from the area.
  4. Check your air duct registers and vents to be sure there is nothing blocking them. Proper air flow will ensure your unit is working as efficiently as possible and will keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
  5. Check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Winter means doors and windows will be closed tightly, so make sure your detectors are in proper working order.
  6. Check your air ducts for leaks. If you notice any visible leaks or damage to the ducts, schedule repair so you can ensure air is flowing properly and to the areas you want to be heated.
  7. Check your attic insulation and weather stripping on your doors and windows. This can ensure the warm air stays where it should and eliminate drafts.

If it’s been a while since your home’s HVAC unit has been checked, it may be a good idea to schedule a visit with Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning. The certified technicians can ensure your home is ready to face the dropping temperatures. Call today at 404-942-9779.

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