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14 Nov 2017

Can AC Repair Save on Energy Costs?

AC Repair

Atlanta, GA – It seems like August is always the hottest month, and by now, you’re probably tired of seeing the numbers going up, not just on the thermometer, but on your energy bills. While air conditioners are wonderful to keep your family from feeling like you’re melting in the heat, the price tags associated with your comfort are sometimes hard to swallow.

But did you know that properly servicing your AC unit by the licensed and skilled technicians at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning may actually save you money each month?

It’s true –ensuring your air conditioning unit is running as efficiently as possible can actually shave dollars off your energy bills each month. (more…)

14 Nov 2017

Tips For When Your AC Floods

AC Floods

Atlanta, GA – If heavy rains hit the area and flood your AC unit, do you know what to do to protect your air conditioner? Phil Montgomery, owner of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning offers some tips to help.

Do you know what to do if your AC unit floods? An Atlanta HVAC expert offers some tips.

“A flooded air conditioner can cause a host of problems,” says Montgomery. “But before you jump in to try to save your unit, it’s important to assess the situation to ensure your safety.” (more…)

14 Nov 2017

Fine Tune Your Furnace to Prepare for Winter


Atlanta, GA – The temperatures may still be spiking, but it’s time to start thinking about fine-tuning your furnace in preparation for winter. While it is always a good idea to schedule an appointment with a certified HVAC technician to inspect your unit every year, there are some things you can do to ensure your unit is ready for the cooler temperatures.

Before running your furnace for the first time, be sure you replace your air filter. Just as with your AC, your furnace’s efficiency is partially determined by whether it is running with a clean air filter or not. A dirty air filter can mean your furnace won’t work as efficiently, can restrict the air flow and can even lead to higher energy bills. (more…)

14 Nov 2017

What Do Furnace Efficiency Ratings Mean?

central furnace

Atlanta, GA – If you are making the decision to purchase a new furnace or heating system for your home, you need to be sure you factor the efficiency rating of the unit into your decision. But do you understand what that rating means?

“A furnace efficiency rating explains how well your unit uses energy,” says Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning owner Phil Montgomery. “This helps determine how much it will cost to heat your home when the weather gets cold. The higher the rating means the greater the amount of heat provided for the amount of energy used.”

The efficiency of a central furnace is measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency. New furnaces must display the AFUE so consumers can clearly see and compare the number on all models. The AFUE measures the efficiency of the unit in converting energy to heat over the course of a typical year. (more…)

14 Nov 2017

Home Air Conditioning is a Must-Have in Atlanta

Home Air Conditioning

When you look around a residential housing construction site in the metro area, one of the first things you will notice is the installation of AC units going in. Georgia is known for its hot, humid weather, especially along the Southern Coast. Home air conditioning is a must in Atlanta, along with the rest of the state. Due to the growing population in the area, the need for residential AC service has also grown.


29 Oct 2017

Is Your Home Winter Ready?

thermostatAtlanta, GA – Summer has come to an end, and as the fall brings cooler temperatures, we know that winter is just around the corner. After a hot summer, the falling temperatures are welcome, but is your home ready for the cold of winter? Phil Montgomery of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning offers these tips to ensure your home’s HVAC unit is winter ready. (more…)

23 Aug 2015

Beat the Heat in August

Home Air Conditioning

The dog days of summer are here, and you’re probably running your AC around the clock. But that doesn’t mean you need to shell out a fortune to keep your home cool. In addition to servicing your unit, as we discussed earlier this month, here are some other tips from Phil Montgomery, owner of Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning. (more…)

18 Jun 2015

Do Air Conditioners Remove Humidity From Your Home?


The sole function of an air conditioner is to remove warm air from the home and to replace it with cool air. In the process, the warm air is typically moist and humid, so when it’s replaced with cooler air, the humidity is also removed in the process.

Indoor air is moved over the refrigerant (cooling) coils of your AC unit and through the process of condensation, the heat is removed and the moisture exits the home via a condensation line. So, yes, air conditioning can effectively dehumidify your home; however, there may be circumstances where the AC is not enough.


25 Feb 2013

Energy Star Rating Explained

Save Money

Atlanta, Georgia – The Energy Star label is something consumers have all seen, but few understand what it actually means. Phil Montgomery, owner of Atlanta cooling and Heating, a full furnace service repair company, explains what the blue label means to homeowners.


14 Feb 2013

Keeping Warm and Avoiding Danger

AC BreaksAtlanta, Georgia – As temperatures hit freezing levels, homeowners search for ways to stay warm and save money. Using space heaters to heat the most used portions of your home is one effective way, but homeowners should be careful to follow all safety precautions when using portable space heaters.

Space heaters, whether electric, gas or propane are an effective way to heat small spaces or to heat only portions of a large home. The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that in 2010 heating equipment was involved in over 57,000 structure fires, and space heaters were the cause of approximately 32 percent of those fires.


“With proper safety precautions, homeowners don’t need to fear the use of space heaters,” says Phil Montgomery, Atlanta Air Conditioning and Heating services provider, who has provided furnace installation for more than 40 years. “There are many different kinds on the market, so it’s important for homeowners to first research which type will be best for their use.”