13 Jul 2015

Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

Old AC UnitsAtlanta, GA – The dog days of summer are upon us, and we know that when your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly, it can be miserable for your family. If you’re wondering if you need to schedule an AC repair visit, here is a checklist of common AC problems to check first.

The first place you should always look is the filter. An old, dirty or inefficient air filter can make your air conditioner stop working well. It’s important that homeowners know how often to change their filters, and during the summer, months, check them regularly for visible dirt and dust. Since your AC will be running more frequently, that means your filter is working overtime, too, so you may need to replace it more often than you normally would.

If your filter is okay, check the actual unit itself. Go to the outside unit and check to be sure sticks, leaves or other debris haven’t become stuck in the unit. Clean the area around the unit, and do your best to keep outside debris away.

Listen for loud, strange sounds as the system runs. Strange noises are a sign that something is wrong, and you need to schedule an appointment with an AC repairman right away.

Does your unit seem to switch on and off in short bursts? This might be a sign that it is inefficient and needs to be cleaned or repaired. A properly functioning unit will run for longer periods of time, and stay off for roughly the same amount of time that it runs. If your unit has irregular cycle lengths, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

If your system shuts down, check your fusebox for a flipped breaker or blown fuse. If this occurs without a storm in your area, there could be a bigger problem that is causing it, so call your AC repair company to check it out.

Check to be sure your thermostat is set correctly. Lower the temperature by several degrees to see if the unit will kick on. If it doesn’t, you might have a problem with your compressor or motor.

It is important to remember that as summer heats up, the higher temperatures can affect your unit’s effectiveness. For example, if it’s 110 degrees outside, it may be unreasonable to expect for your home to be set at 70 degrees. Most standard central AC units may only be able to produce a 20 degree difference between the outside air and the temperature in your home. If you have concerns that your unit is not functioning its best, schedule an appointment today to see if it’s a matter for concern.

When was the last time you had your AC properly serviced and cleaned? Your AC unit is just like a car, and needs to be serviced regularly in order to run properly. If it’s been a while since you had an air conditioning expert inspect your unit, schedule a maintenance appointment today.

If your home’s air conditioning unit doesn’t seem to be working properly, and you can’t pinpoint the problem, schedule a consultation with the experts at Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning. No matter what problem you’re facing, they have the experience and skill to fix it and get your home cool and comfortable again.

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